Fremtidens Handelsteknologi

23. oktober 2024
Oslo Spektrum Arena

Møteplassen for netthandel: Hvor bransjeledere knytter kontakt

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Årets Tema


Nye teknologiske løsninger utvikles raskere enn noensinne og former fremtidens handelsbransje i et tempo vi tidligere ikke har sett makan til. Henger du med når forbrukerne krever det nyeste av det nye innen handelsteknologi?

I år vil NXT Nordic fokusere på de løsningene og tjenestene som sikrer at kundene velger akkurat deg når de skal gjøre sitt neste kjøp. Vi vil lære av bransjens fremste eksperter innen handelsteknologi for å sikre at vi sammen skaper en netthandelsbransje som alltid ligger et steg foran.

NXT 2023-3042
NXT 2023-3042


Knytt kontakt med

Bli med på en hel dag med nettverksbygging på NXT Nordic, hvor du vil knytte kontakter med bransjeledere, investorer, entreprenører og beslutningstakere. Ta del i diskusjoner om fremtidens handel, få uvurderlige innsikter, og skap meningsfulle forbindelser som virkelig betyr noe.

23. oktober 2024
Oslo Spektrum Arena

Årets konferansierer

Til å lede oss gjennom dagen har vi funnet den perfekte, skarpe og engasjerte duo! Først ut er Eirik Norman Hansen, som dere husker fra fjorårets NXT Nordic, hvor han ledet oss gjennom dagen på imponerende vis. I år får han godt selskap av bransjekollega og teknologiekspert Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen. Sammen skal de ta oss gjennom den dagen i året vi gleder oss aller mest til – og hvem er vel bedre til å gjøre det enn nettopp disse to?

Eirik Norman Hansen



Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen



NXT talere


Møteplassen for netthandel: hvor bransjeledere knytter kontakt

Hvorfor du bør delta på NXT Nordic

Den komplette destinasjonen for alle som jobber innen handel.


Få de nyeste forretningsinnsiktene som er viktige for ditt selskap. Del erfaringer og kunnskap med bransjekollegaer.


Et perfekt sted for å oppdage nye forretningsmuligheter, bygge ditt eget nettverk og skape de beste mulighetene for din virksomhet.

Fremtidige trender

Lær av nye innovasjoner og ideer som presenteres under arrangementet, og som kan ta virksomheten din til neste nivå.

Dette sier andre om nxt nordic

Hvem treffer du?

Bygg nettverk, skap nye relasjoner og diskuter what’s NXT i handelsbransjen med våre partnere.

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Sølvpartnere 2024

bronsepartnere 2024


Oslo spektrum

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Element Logic

Element Logic is a technology company that optimizes warehouses for customers to gain a competitive edge. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Norway. They operate worldwide and are the world`s first and largest AutoStore-partner. Element Logic offers its customers automated robotic solutions, software, and consulting services. For more information go to and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


At PearlConvert we create, develop, and optimize digital commerce experiences. We are 130+ eCommerce experts, developers, UX designers, solution architects, CRO & CX experts with a heart for digital commerce and creating results for our customers.

Helthjem Netthandel

Helthjem collects and delivers packages home before breakfast, both weekdays and weekends. Quick and easy. All the way home💛

Swedbank Pay

At Swedbank Pay, we specialize in payment solutions that make transactions quick and hassle-free. Our mission is to help people, businesses, and communities thrive by letting them pay how they want, wherever they are – online or in-store. With a strong presence in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, we’re proud to be one of the leading payment solution providers.


Bizzkit offers the most flexible software for ambitious webshops and customer portals with PIM, DAM, CMS and Ecommerce Search. The products are built for composable commerce, where you can design the final solution specifically for your business processes and customer journeys. The tailored solutions are based on Bizzkit’s cloud technology, which ensures that you have fast, secure and fully up-to-date services.

Svea Bank AB

Svea has taken a leap from being a financial institution to becoming a fintech provider in e-commerce. With our payment solution, we help our customers find new ways to grow while supporting them in every possible way. Svea offers payment solutions/checkout for online shops, both for B2C and B2B.


Mastercard is a global technology company in the payments industry. Our mission is to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere by making transactions safe, simple, smart and accessible. Using secure data and networks, partnerships and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments and businesses realize their greatest potential.


Brath is a specialist agency in SEO, SEM, and META advertising. Brath works to assist companies in increasing their profitability, whether it’s reaching new customers, boosting sales, or building brand awareness. Brath’s expertise in online sales helps your company generate growth.


Adtraction is a full-service partner marketing platform, helping brands attract new customers and sell more, while helping partners monetise their content and traffic. The company works with brands across multiple industries, ranging from e-commerce to financial services. With a user-friendly platform, Adtraction connects brands with a diverse range of marketing partners, ranging from content sites, influencers, affiliates, mobile apps and comparison sites.


Avarda offers 100 % white label payment services where the main goal is to drive more returning customers back to the store. With Avarda you get a tailor-made solution, and all points of contact are yours to control which contributes to creating a perfectly merchant-branded purchase experience. Avarda works with customers like Boozt, Haypp Group, Braasport, Bubbleroom, and Hekta på tur.

iSYS - Integrasjonssystemer AS

iSYS develops feed® PIM, a software solution that collects, organizes, maintains, and efficiently distributes product information. In addition, we develop InStock WMS, a warehouse management system that helps companies optimize warehouse performance and increase efficiency in logistics processes.

Lipscore AS

Lipscore is a customer feedback tool designed to deliver 2-4 times more ratings and 100% authentic reviews, thereby boosting traffic, conversion rates, and sales both online and in physical stores. With a strong focus on credibility and compliance with EU regulations, Lipscore offers actionable data and insights to drive business growth.

Reclaimit AB

Reclaimit is a rapidly growing SaaS company with a market-leading return and warranty management position in the Nordic region. We help retailers enable sustainable growth through flexible and effective post-purchase solutions for circular commerce.


RAJA is Europe’s leading retailer of packaging, hygiene and office supplies and storage equipment. We have over 3,000 items in stock, and we have the industry’s best online store:

RAJA has the market’s widest range of packaging for online shopping, cardboard boxes, postal packaging, package filling and protection, gift wrap, storage equipment, office supplies, and more. Our focus is to get customers to use less packaging and choose environmentally friendly solutions. We have sustainable options and help our customers save both money and the environment.


TextMaster is the world’s first global translation solution that is available entirely online. Thanks to a network of expert translators, cutting-edge technologies, and a range of value-added services, TextMaster enables companies to streamline the translation of their content in over 300 language pairs and areas of expertise. TextMaster is available as SaaS, as an API or through one of the technological integrations created by one of our partners. More than 10,000 companies of all sizes and domains turn to TextMaster for assistance with their international expansion. TextMaster has been a member of the Acolad group since 2018.

ANFO Annonsørforeningen

ANFO is an interest- and service organization for Norwegian advertisers. Our members are companies and organizations that strives for complete professionalism in their marketing as well as the purchase of services from different providers in the advertising market.


Instabee was founded in 2022 after combining Budbee and Instabox – two leading last-mile delivery companies with three consumer-facing brands: Budbee, Instabox and Porterbuddy.

We are obsessed with simplifying the way you ship and receive parcels. With much-loved services across six European countries, Instabee is a challenger to be reckoned with.


Mailmojo is a Norwegian email marketing tool that makes it magically easy to succeed with email marketing. Whether you want to do everything yourself or get help from our experts, we have got you covered!


Qliro offers payment solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs, including a comprehensive checkout solution designed to drive growth for both large and small online retailers. Our focus is on creating outstanding customer and merchant experiences.


TikTok is the world’s leading destination for short-form video, where you can unleash your brand’s creative side in a fully immersive, no-judgment world. With an audience for every voice, TikTok allows you to create, share, and discover content, fostering creativity and spreading joy.

Mystore AS

Mystore is Norway’s largest e-commerce platform. More than 1600 online stores operate on our platform, and over 600 local stores use our POS solution. We assist everyone from startups to corporations with over 100 million in revenue. We offer services such as pre-negotiated shipping agreements, marketing support and logistics solutions.


Automate your processes with solutions crafted by seasoned eCommerce professionals, blending years of industry experience with innovative AI technology.

Møteplassen for netthandel: Hvor bransjeledere knytter kontakt