Hosting Oslo 2022

Christine Dancke

TV personality, music artist and podcast-host

After almost 10 years as a music journalist in P3, Christine has positioned herself as an important contributor to Norwegian culture. Christine has been completely unique in her communication and made sure that both new and established musicians have made their art and creativity available to a wide audience. In 2016, Christine was open about the anxiety and panic that had begun to take control of her life. She received an enormous amount of support and was honored for her openness. In light of this, she started the production agency Vrang and the podcast Noia. Together with Vegard Harm, Christine was the program manager for the VG list in 2019. In 2020, she started a new podcast bearing her own name. In Christine Dancke Podcast, she interviews various artists about their careers. In the spring of 2021, she was currently participating in the TV2 program Kompani Lauritzen. And in 2021, she and Harm returned as presenters on the VG list.

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