Speaker Oslo 2022

Oliver Edholm

CEO at Depict

Teenage entrepreneur shaking up the world of AI & e-commerce
Oliver Edholm is the 19-year-old Co-founder and CEO of Depict. Oliver was the youngest AI researcher in the world when he began working as an AI research engineer at Europe’s leading payment company Klarna at age 15. At age 16, he dropped out of high school after having his worldview transformed by Nick Bostrom’s book “Super Intelligence”. He bought a ticket to Singapore (without his parents’ knowledge) and worked as an AI researcher at National University of Singapore. He got inspired to start Depict after finding out that almost all e-commerce sites use AI-methods that require much more data than they actually have. At the age of 17, Oliver began his entrepreneurial journey, despite a lack of retail relationships or startup experience, at the start of the Covid pandemic & joined Y Combinator. Today, Depict has raised $20M in funding and is the leading product recommendation platform in Scandinavia. Oliver is a Thiel Fellow and an intense meditator.

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