Speaker Oslo 2022

Siri Nordby

Sr. Account Executive Industry Lead, Retail- Norway at Microsoft

In her role in Microsoft, Siri partners with consumer brands and retail industry leaders to help them digitally transform and reimagine their business. Siri loves working in the intersection of technology and retail to create a more seamless and relevant Customer journey, and at the same time make everyday life easier for everyone- the client and the customers, in a sustainable manner.

Siri works as a strategic advisor trying to identify the best opportunities for growth and help them ideate and develop solutions to strengthen their strategy and end-goals. Siri has a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry with more than 10 years in Varner, with a focus on digital marketing and ecommerce, and setting the vision for Loyalty in Varner, launching 8 Loyalty programs with more than 6 million members across several markets over a period of two years before heading over to Microsoft.

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