Hosting Oslo 2022

Vegard Harm

TV personality, influencer, YouTuber and podcast-host

Vegard Harm is one of the most honest, inspiring and funny voice on social media i Norway. His fantastic career started on the app Vine, where in record time he became Norway’s most followed profile.

When VGTV discovered the talent, he got a place in the popular show Panelet and became a partner with Morten Hegseth. Together they have today the mega popular podcast on PodMe, Harm & Hegseth. Together, they travel around Norway with live shows, and are highly sought after at events. The duo also runs their own fashion house, Lyx & Mys. In 2019, Vegard and Morten won the audience award on Gullruten.

The VGTV profile has also had its own show, Life of Harm and created the viewer success VegardxFunky together with Jørgine Vasstrand. Vegard has also been a participant in Kompani Lauritzen on TV2 and is currently building his own YouTube channel, which is growing at record speed.

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