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The following conditions apply to the events / courses arranged by EHANDELSE AB NUF.

We will photograph and film during the event/course and we obtain the right to use this material to market our events and services. If you wish not to be in the picture then please email us at:

GDPR – If you have any questions regarding your rights according to the new Data Protection Act (also known as GDPR), you can contact Your information will be stored in Trippus and our newsletter system, so that we can send out information about events/courses before, during, and after as well as offers.

You can unregister by sending an email to with a request to be removed from our database or unregister directly in a mailing.


A participant is a person who meets the requirements for participation in the current event and who has purchased a ticket or otherwise received a ticket. A booking can be canceled until payment has been made.

Business partners:

The terms for business partners for an event are regulated in the current agreement between business partners and EHANDELSE AB NUF.


If an event will not be held, EHANDELSE AB NUF is obliged to inform participants and business partners no later than 14 days before the event. If the event is not carried out, EHANDELSE AB NUF is obliged to present a new date that takes place no later than 12 months after the previous date. Thereafter, participants or business partners do not have the right to cancel the purchase.

If EHANDELSE AB NUF does not present a new date for the event that would have taken place no later than 12 months after the current date, participants have the right to get back the same amount as they paid for the ticket.

Business partners have the right to use the investment for other offers from EHANDELSE AB NUF unless otherwise agreed.

If EHANDELSE AB NUF converts a physical event into a digital event, due to circumstances that EHANDELSE AB NUF cannot control, the participant’s physical ticket will automatically be switched to a digital ticket.

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