Agenda 2022

Theme / Gen Z: The Future of Commerce

Location / Oslo Spektrum Arena

Date / 11 October 2022

NXT Oslo will be held primarily in Norwegian. Please refer to the agenda to locate sessions in English.

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07:30 – 08:30

Breakfast och registration ☕️

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08:30 – 08:40

Welcome to NXT Nordic 2022

Our hosts Vegard Harm and Christine Dancke open the event and welcome everyone to NXT Nordic 2022. Introduces the day’s theme: Gen-Z: The Future of E-commerce.

  Vegard Harm

  Christine Dancke 

08:40 – 09:05

Envision what comes next

Ole Petter Nyhaug – Partner & Creative Director at Opinion

Ole Petter Nyhaug – Partner & Creative Director at Opinion

The world is moving so fast that it is an absolute necessity to be able to envision what comes next. Ole Petter Nyhaug, a well-known face in Norwegian market analysis, media and marketing circles will hold a keynote presentation analyzing tomorrow’s trends.

  Ole Petter Nyhaug

09:05 – 09:40

Innovative and environmentally friendly logistics solutions to make your value chain more sustainable.

Terje Aarbog – CEO At DHL Express Norway

As an experienced and reliable market leader with global reach, we can do much more than just tell you how to ship a package – logistics can unlock the potential of the expanding global marketplace!

With a presence in 220 countries, DHL Express can offer choice, convenience, control, and quality, but also support growth by opening up new markets for both merchants and consumers. As the world’s leading logistics company, we also have a responsibility to set an example in our industry and be a sustainability leader.

Over the years, we have repeatedly redefined logistics, from pioneering the first green logistics product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. Terje will give an overview of global insights and trends in an uncertain and volatile world. What elements needs to be in focus to keep momentum and how retailers can use logistics to support changing consumer habits and expectations.

  Terje Aarbog

09:40 – 10:00

Trends shaping the future of supply chain

Mats Bjerkaas, Managing Director at Element Logic Norway, and Siri Nordby, Sr. Account Executive Industry Lead, Retail- Norway at Microsoft on the main stage.

Are you curious about how the technology in supply chain will develop in the coming years? The last few years have been characterized by growth and development in the handling of goods in the warehouse. In addition to new technology and innovative solutions, we also see that customer expectations have changed. They expect a faster and more reliable delivery – and they expect it now. To win customers, you need to understand the trends that are emerging in the industry.

  Mats Bjerkaas, Element Logic 

  Siri Nordby, Microsoft

12:00 – 13:20

Lunch is served in the exhibition area!

Pss… See more activities on the Ehandel Stage and Session Rooms.

13:35 – 13:40

Welcome back to the Main Stage

Vegard Harm and Christine Dancke welcome everyone back to the main stage after lunch.

  Vegard Harm

  Christine Dancke 

13:40 – 14:00

The holistic shopper: why the payment experience matters to a new generation of shoppers, influenced by modern drivers

Fredrik Neumann – Country Manager Nordics and Germany

Contemporary shoppers know who they are, what they want and have high expectations for retailers to accommodate their needs and beliefs. Learn more about why the payments experience matters to a new generation of retail shoppers.

This keynote will be held in English.

  Fredrik Neumann

14:00 – 14:20

Ready to boost your digital commerce but don’t know how?

Anthony Meir – Global GTM Strategist at commercetools

Leading brands such as Audi, Bang & Olufsen, and John Lewis use next-generation eCommerce to accelerate business growth.

Join the success story session to gain insights into how modern commerce has helped these brands to:

– Transform customer omnichannel experience to boost engagement and results.

– Launch faster and scale seamlessly to realize their business mission for growth.

– Improve competitiveness and future-proof eCommerce business in an ever-evolving market.

This keynote will be held in English.

14:20 – 14:45

The New Standard in Online Experiences

Oliver Edholm – CEO at Depict

Dubbed the generation of digital natives, Gen Z is the first group to grow up with smartphones. Their standard of online experiences is sky high, which has an enormous impact on retailers selling online. In this presentation, Oliver Edholm will present how he as a Gen Z founder work with some of the best retailers in the Nordics to improve their on-site customer experiences through his company Depict.

Depict is an AI personalization engine for fashion retailers offering search, product recommendations, and category listing. In just two years time, Depict work with retailers including iDeal of Sweden, Aimn, and Björn Borg.

This keynote will be held in English.

16:15 – 16:40

The Power of NFTs: How non-fungible tokens could change the world

Christopher Oberdeer – Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

NFTs are tokenized versions of assets that can be traded on the blockchain, the digital ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Whereas one bitcoin is directly interchangeable with another, meaning they are ‘fungible’, NFTs are the opposite because the underlying assets are unique and can’t be exchanged like for like. This makes them non-fungible. This uniqueness enabled Christie’s to sell Beeple’s well-known NFT in March for over $68 million. It raises the question: Where is this all going and how could NFTs change the world?

This keynote will be held in English.

16:40 – 17:00

Live Shopping – challenging the traditional influencer

With the rise of new channels comes the rise of new stars. As Sweden’s first meeting place for Live Shopping, Showroom has seized the opportunity to collaborate with exciting brands who have started creating content for this new channel. For some, such as Kjell & Company, Live Shopping has become a place for employees to take place in front of the camera and share their expertise as well as meet their customers in the digital world. For others, such as Samsung, avatars have taken that same place. Bianca Rior and Nicholas Bálint will discuss how Live Shopping – whether with employees or avatars – is challenging the traditional influencer.

This keynote will be held in English.

  Bianca Rior, Showroom

  Nicholas Balint, Kjell & Co

17:00 – 17:30

Metaverse; what is it and how to get there?

Nina K. Hareide-Larsen – Client Partner & Commercial Lead at Meta Norway

Da Facebook endret navn til Meta bidro det til å kaste allment lys og interesse over et konsept som har vært snakket om i tech-bransjen en stund allerede, nemlig metaverset. Mark Zuckerbergs tydelige visjon for neste generasjon internett, bestående av langt mer altomsluttende teknologi enn den vi omgis av i dag, ble møtt med entusiasme i noen leire og kynisme i andre. 

Men hva er egentlig metaverset, hva kan det potensielt bety for virksomheten du jobber for og hvor er veien for å komme dit? Nina Hareide-Larsen er kommersiell leder i Meta Norge, og avslutter årets konferanse med å gi deg innblikk i dette og hvordan du kan planlegge for neste generasjon internett.

 Nina K. Hareide-Larsen 

17:30 – 18:30 

Happy Hour in the expo

Continue networking with event participants and partners in the exhibition area! Two drink tickets are included.

19:30 – 

Mingle dinner with drinks at TAKET

The mingle dinner ticket is separate from the event ticket. To attend, please add the ticket during checkout.

The mingle dinner ticket is currently fully booked, to be listed on the waitlist, please email

10:30 – 10:32

Welcome to the Ehandel Stage

Annika Lindecrantz, Acting Editor-in-chief at and Linn Adine Andersen, Reporter at welcomes everyone to the Ehandel Stage.

  Linn Adine Andersen

  Annika Lindecrantz

10:32 – 11:00 

Climate focused entrepreneurs

Talk show

Norway is one of the countries in our continent that consumes the most. In a society characterized by growing consumption, but in need of less and smarter consumption, the two Norwegian startups Bookis and Tise take the challenge. They hope to change Norwegians’ shopping habits and facilitate the purchase and sale of used products while their business model must be profitable.

Is it possible to save the world, little by little, and make money while you do so? What challenges do you encounter in the development of sircular solutions in industries that traditionally live off of “blind” consumption? What growth opportunities exist in these solutions – and how do you overturn the heavy, traditional business models?

  Jenny Skavlan

  Arne-Morten Willumsen, Bookis

  Host, Linn Adine Andersen

11:05 – 11:25

The future of recruitment, for and by Generation Z

Ida Johansson – CEO And Founder Of Hyred

The new generation has grown up with smartphones and the internet with all its advantages, and disadvantages. Digitization in recent years has created opportunities but also expectations from the new generation, which must be met or taken into account by the employer.

How do we adapt our recruitment processes and marketing to Generation Z? What values attract and challenge today’s young employees? Who can teach us everything about the new generation, if not a 20-year-old?

This talk show will be held in English.

  Ida Johansson, Hyred

  Host, Annika Lindecrantz

11:30 – 12:05

Generation Z on NFT’s and blockchains

Talk show

In the past year, the NFT market has plummeted and several platforms for buying and selling crypto have been hacked. How safe is crypto, really? And are NFTs really the future? What technical challenges are there in this industry – how should they be solved?

This talk show will be held in English.

  Sophia Adampour, Verse Gallery

  Christopher Oberdeer, Coin Stats

  Thuc Tuan Hoang, Firi

  Host, Linn Adine Andersen

15:10 – 15:30

How to succeed with influencers in the buying experience

Talk show

Influencers have been part of our everyday life long before the term became part of everyday speech. The very first influencers started their careers without managements and accountants – they were their own business before we knew that this was the business of the future. Now, however, the largest and most successful profiles have their own managements and agencies behind them. The industry is coming together, and different profiles are focused on different parts of the market.

  Maria Mostad,

  Hanne-Lene Dahlgren, Team Tomorrow

  Host, Linn Adine Andersen

  Host, Daniel Ekberg

15:35 – 15:55

Product recommendations: The path from good to great

Henning Frettem – Founder and CEO of Lipscore

Lipscore aims to deliver the world’s simplest and most effective system for collecting ratings and reviews. In the last two years, the company has doubled its growth in addition to tenfolding the number of customers. It is clear that product recommendations are important to consumers and that both e-commerce players and physical stores strive to offer a simple solution for their customers.

What role do product recommendations and customer reviews play in the future of online and physical stores? What direct advantages are there – and are there any disadvantages?

  Henning Frettem, Lipscore

  Victoria Senkpiel, Voice Norge AS

  Host, Linn Adine Andersen

10:15 – 10:45

The podcast: with Urban Lindstedt

This is how ELLE Norway inspires and interacts with its audience through live shopping in collaborations with influencers.

Join Urban in his conversation with Kaja Brændengen, Head of Concept Development at ELLE Norway, and Anna Björkeryd, Chief Marketing Officer at Streamify.

The presentation will be held in Swedish and Norwegian. 

  Urban Lindstedt, Host 

  Kaja Brændengen, ELLE Norway

  Anna Björkeryd, Streamify

11:15 – 11:45

The podcast: with Urban Lindstedt

True omnichannel CX at Elkjøp.

Join Urban in his conversation with Julia Paulsen, Director of eCommerce Nordics at Elkjøp.

This presentation will be held in English.

  Urban Lindstedt, Host

  Julia Paulsen

12:30 – 13:00

The podcast: with Urban Lindstedt

To build a sustainable marketplace in Norway and Sweden when the venture capital market tightens. A year of transition to a grimmer economy. 

Join Urban in his conversation with Arne-Morten Willumsen, CEO and co-founder at Bookis and secret guest.

This presentation will be held in Swedish and Norwegian. 

 Urban Lindstedt, host 

  Arne-Morten Willumsen

15:00 – 16:00

Pitch in front of investors

A teram of start-ups and scale ups are pitching their company in front of 3 investors.

Parallel Sessions

Session room 1
10:30 – 11:00

SvelteKit and the Content Layer

Parallel session 

Join Scott Spence, Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblock, in his parallel session about SvelteKit and the Content Layer. 

This presentation will be held in English.

Session room 2
10:30 – 11:00

Mats & Axel Show with guests Ana Jovanovic Kuvås from Vipps and Marte Knutsen from Instabox/Porterbuddy 

Parallel session

…And Recession For All – How to survive in e-commerce during the recession. How will consumers shop? How will they pay? What kind of delivery will they prefer? Will we still care as much about sustainability when our wallets are empty? Together with their guests, Mats & Axel will tell you where the market is heading and who will survive the perfect storm. And we will also find out the answer to the age-old question: Who is Norway’s best cross-country skier of all time? This is one session you do not want to miss!

This keynote will be held in Norwegian and Swedish.

Session room 1
11:30 – 12:00

What’s Google’s take on the Future of Commerce?

Parallel session

We have experienced tremendous shifts in how consumers engage with business and how businesses adapt to these changes during the past couple of years due to the Pandemic. Now, coming out of the pandemic, we are far away from being back to 2019 for a number of reasons:

i) New consumer expectations and behaviors established

ii) A totally different macro-economic picture affecting both consumers and businesses

iii) Consumers’ focus on sustainability and value for money.

Google is in essence connecting consumers and businesses across 7 of our platforms with more than 1 BN users everyday. They come to Google to learn, to be entertained and to shop in all shapes and forms. Consumers continue to turn to Google because our solutions create value and help them navigate and choose the right product or solution for them. And businesses use our advertising products and technologies to grow through connecting with the consumers out there. We’ll show you a few examples of what the leading commerce-players across the Nordics do to attract the right customers and grow with Google.

   Ida Haneborg

   Kristina Persson

Session room 2
11:30 – 12:00

Snapchat – The future of commerce

Per Christian Strand Teslo – Senior Account Executive At Snap Inc.

Snapchat er Norges største sosiale medie på daglig dekning for de under 50 år i følge Kantar Interbus. Per Christian viser hvordan du kan benytte Snapchat til å løse reelle forretningsutfordringer for deg som retailer.

   Per Christian Strand Teslo

Lunch Sessions

Session room 1
12:20 – 13:20

Power Up Your Potential – Go Global, Go Fast, Go Green

Johan Wahnström – Head Of Sales At DHL Express

Logistics has a strong influence on customer satisfaction based on the speed, quality, and flexibility of the services offered. But even more important, logistics can also unlock the potential of the expanding global marketplace. With a presence in 220 countries, DHL Express can offer choice, convenience, control, and quality, but also support growth by opening up new markets for both merchants and consumers.

As the world’s leading logistics company, we have a responsibility to set an example in our industry and be a sustainability leader. Over the years, we have repeatedly redefined logistics, from pioneering the first green logistics product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target.

Johan will give an overview of the latest e-commerce trends in B2C, B2B, customer experience, and sustainability with global express logistics as a differentiator.

  Johan Wahnström

Session room 2
12:20 – 13:20

Worldpay’s Retail Global Payments Report 2022: How the world pays for retail

Johan Bergström – Strategic Solutions Director at Worldpay

Readying your payments experience for a new era of retail shopper. In this session you will hear more about who the new shoppers are, what they care about and how they want to shop and pay for retail both now and in the future.

This keynote will be held in English.

  Johan Bergström

Session room 3
12:20 – 13:20

Changes in consumer demands – how does this affect the value chain?

Panel debate

The pandemic and shutdowns have led to an enormous growth in e-commerce – which in turn has led to an increased need for new technology, especially in goods handling.

Panel debate: how has the pattern of consumer trade changed after the pandemic and what will this mean for the entire value chain?

Companies have realized that new technology is needed to increase the efficiency of their warehouse, and at the same time improve the customer journey and working environment. To meet consumer demands, companies must be flexible, scalable, and informed of trends.

  Niklas Top Sørum, Element Logic

  Stig Myklebust, Lettbutikk

  Robert Steen, Nille

  Vegard Sunde, Milrab

Session room 4
12:20 – 13:20

How will modern commerce help to realize your business´ strategic goals?

Panel debate

Join our leadership panel with two of Norways largest retailers, Elkjøp and Byggern. We will focus on how these companies are in different stages of executing their modern composable, omnichannel strategy. Here you will get hands-on information about their experiences, best practices, and expectations for the future.    

We will address these important subjects: 
– How modern commerce will impact the delivery of their business strategies.
– To which degree it will change the core operations of their business.
– How will the modern e-commerce solution make the organizations and technology more agile and responsive to the needs of their customers?
– And how will it enable faster launches, and seamless scaling to support growth in the execution of an omnichannel strategy?

commercetool’s Anne Marie Pehling will introduce you to modern commerce, the strategy and key principles in the new approach. Subsequently, Stian Prestegård from Columbus will head a panel debate with Julia Paulsen from Elkjøp and David Kollsete from Byggern (E. A. Smith).

 Anne Marie Pehling, commercetools

 Stian Emil Prestegård, Columbus Norway

 Julia Paulsen, Elkjøp Nordics

  David Kollsete, E. A. Smith

Parallel session

Session room 1
15:00 – 16:00

Accelerate your success- How technology enables superior customer experiences and helps sustainability initiative!

Parallel session

The future for retail in uncertain and the industry is undergoing changes. Up until now, Retailers are investing heavily in tech that focuses on the back office. But staying close to their customers is their lifeblood, hence the next step is that they increasingly leverage customer experience platforms.

Join our session at NXT, where we will provide some interesting insights on how retailers can use tech as an enabler for future growth and meet the expectations of the new generation.

– The Economist Research- Retailers tangle with a new set of complexities to become future-fit with Thomas Anglero, CTIO Cognizant

Recent Economist Impact research supported by Cognizant suggests a tough road ahead for retailers, albeit a road peppered with opportunity, beginning with their technological investments.

We will share some key findings from our research and how technology provides security in an uncertain world.

– How tech helps a food manufacturer to optimize their value-chain, with Stig Martin Fiskå, Head of Industry 4.0, Cognizant

– Net Zero Cloud- A single source of truth for a company´s carbon emissions with Oscar Nybråten, Nordic Lead Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce

Increased pressure from regulators, customers and partners push companies to get control over their emissions and operationalising their way down in emissions. In this session, we will dive in to how Salesforce is seeking to help their customers achieve Net Zero through getting all emissions related data in one place.

– How Human centered AI benefits businesses with Dr. Johanny Pestalozzi Lead Experience Designer, Cognizant

Human-centered AI learns from human input and collaboration, focusing on algorithms that exist among a larger, human-based system. Human-centered AI is defined by systems that are continuously improving because of human input while providing an effective experience between human and robot

Learn how human-centered artificial intelligence benefits businesses

 Simon Flo, Salesforce

 Shahid Skar, Cognizant

  Thomas Anglero, Cognizant

  Oscar Nybråten, Salesforce

  Dr. Johanny Pestalozzi, Cognizant

  Stig Martin Fiskå, Cognizant

Session room 2
15:00 – 16:00

This is how E-commerce has changed after the pandemic: Insights and trends from the report Norwegian E-commerce 2021

Patrik Müller – E-Commerce Expert At Nets

Growth in e-commerce has been strong in recent years as the pandemic has led to new consumer groups starting to shop online. Patrik Müller, the e-commerce expert at Nets, explains the effect of new consumer behaviors and what new consumer demands are emerging.

Based on the report Norwegian E-commerce 2021, you get an insight into what is required to be able to take up the fight against the international giants and what opportunities open up for Norwegian web shops. We also take a closer look at the latest e-commerce trends.

Session room 3
15:00 – 16:00

Keep the door open for everyone

Parallel session

With his in-depth knowledge of eCommerce, Eirik has helped numerous companies and webshops expand their sales channels and reach out to new customers. Using the same simplicity we have become used to in business-to-consumer sales, Eirik will share his knowledge on how you can apply these same methods to your business customers. Furthermore, he will give his take on personalizing the customer journey to make sure that your customers go through with the purchase. Eirik will share success stories from both customers and partners alongside some useful tips and tricks that will help you take the next step to find your new customer group and sell more. Thomas Svensson, Partner Manager Svea Bank AB, will join Eirik on stage and give insight and specific advice on how to succeed with online business-to-business sales.

 Eirik Mathisen Skjolden, SVEA

  Thomas Svensson, SVEA

Session room 4
15:00 – 16:00

Increase competitiveness with flexible and green deliveries and let the online store grow without having to think about warehouse, picking, deliveries and returns!​

Parallel session

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and have acquired new habits related to delivery and return. Increased awareness about the environment and climate changes means there is a growing need to educate consumers on making sustainable choices. Get useful insights into delivery, return, and the environment from Bring Research.

Posten and Bring are ambitious about becoming the greenest player in logistics, and our team will share 10 concrete proofs of this.

Get inspired by how, with the help of an automated warehouse, is free to focus on building its brand instead of packaging parcels. sells clothing for both leisure and original supporter clothes. Sustainability is top of mind throughout their customer journey. During the launch of their online store in May, their main concerns were to collaborate with a partner who is just as occupied with climate and environment as they are, as well as hit the ground running as fast as possible.

  Kjersti Pedersen, Bring

 Hege Sagplass, Bring

  Dag Hagen, The Norwegian Ice Hockey Association

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